Karting Salou, prices and schedules 2023

karting Salou

Go to the go-karting in Salou It is one of the most exciting and fun activities that can be done on the Costa Dorada.

It has 2 circuits (one for children and one for adults), Salou is the perfect place for lovers of speed and excitement.

Karting Salou

Karting Salou is one of the largest and most modern circuits in Spain. This circuit is 1,000 meters long and offers an exciting experience for all ages.

With a wide variety of karts available, from karts for children to competition karts for adults.

There are many interesting and exciting things on offer in addition to the circuits already mentioned. One of them is the option to compete in team karting races, perfect for groups of friends or corporate events.

There are also night karting options, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the experience.

Karting Salou prices

karting salou prices

Karting Salou Offers

karting Salou offers

Karting Salou low season prices

Karting Salou rates

You can book through their website: https://kartingsalou.com/

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