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🐾 Playas para perros en Salou, actualizado 2024


Currently and unfortunately There is only one beach for dogs in Salou during the summer season. And actually, it's not exactly in Salou, but in Cambrils.

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But stay until the end of the post to discover all the beaches for dogs in Salou and surroundings.

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beaches for dogs in Salou

According to the official Salou beach service plan: during the following period:

📝 in bathing season, You can NOT take dogs to the beaches, from the Friday before Easter to the first Sunday of November.

During the rest of the year, you can take your dog to the beaches of Salou, as long as it does not disturb other people. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

That being said, in Cambrils, right next to Salou, is the only beach for dogs in Salou open all year (including the summer months).

What will you find in this article?

🐾 Dog-friendly beaches in Salou

Riera D'Alforja beach

This beach at the mouth of the Riera d'Alforja, between Paseo de las Palmeras in Cambrils, is pet-friendly. Your dog can play on the beach and have a good time. They even have a shower for both dogs and bathers.

You will find a wooden fence around the dog area.

Rules of Use of the Canine Beach of Cambrils, Riera d'Alforja (next to Salou)

  • Dogs They cannot be loose on the beach and must bathe with their owners.
  • PPPs (Potentially Dangerous Breed Dogs) must carry muzzle.
  • You must take with you the record of your vaccinations, and have it updated
  • And of course, pick up the droppings that your pet can leave in the sand.
beach for dogs in Salou

Alternatives to the beaches for dogs in Salou and Cambrils

Map of beaches for dogs in Tarragona, the Costa Dorada and Spain:

Beaches for dogs Tarragona, Costa Dorada and Spain (complete map)

reach. La Platjola

The municipality of Alcanar keeps its 'star' beach open to all animal lovers. With 300 meters of footage and almost 15 meters wide, it is one of the best options for people living in and around Alcanar.

Although it is a bit far from Salou (more than 1 hour by car), it is an option to consider.

Also for all those who dare to take a walk, since there are no access restrictions. It is also called to be a virgin place with an unaltered natural aspect, which makes it the perfect getaway to enjoy nature and bathing near Salou.

It is one of the last dog-friendly Catalan beaches. Recently dogs are not allowed in the summer months but in October of last year the Cambrils town hall decided to veto it.

This would not have been possible since the support of all citizens, the collection of around 413 signatures and the veto were approved concordantly. The Councilor for Services, Environment and Public Works, Antonio Laguna, has explained the treatment as a pilot phase and if it works well they will also extend it to other beaches.

Ametlla of Mar. Cala Bon Caponet

A small beach and according to bathers it is not always clean. However, dogs are allowed year-round.

How to get?

You have to cross the urbanization of Roques Daurades about 500 meters from the municipality, so walking is easy. You can also find Cementeri beach where dogs are officially not allowed, but you always come across some of them and the human guests seem to be tolerant of it.

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Ebro Delta. Bassa de l'Arena

Yes, this cute place allows dogs all year long. La Bassa de la Arena is an extensive 500-meter beach exclusively for dogs. The Ebro Delta is well known for its fine sandy beaches and moderate sea.

Surely, here you cannot expect any type of service, so be well prepared with everything you need to spend a pleasant day outdoors with your favorite companion.

Cemetery Cove, Ametlla de Mar

This small beach of no more than 20 meters is a quiet place to go. Unfortunately, his rocky terrain it makes it more difficult to reach dogs that are not physically prepared. On the other hand, it can be a nice walk!

You will find this place a few kilometers from Ametlla de Mar and it is also recommended to be prepared since there is no service.

Taking your dog to the beach: tips and safety

A visit to the beach is an ideal way to spend a summer day, and it can be tempting to take your dog with you. But keep in mind that the beach is not the best option for all dogs.

For example, some breeds like the Basset hound  they don't know how to swim However, for the right dog, the beach can provide new sights, sounds and smells to experience, as well as opportunities for exciting play. However, there are also dangers for dogs.

Maximize your fun by trying these activities, training these behaviors, and watching for these hazards.

beaches for dogs Costa Dorada

What to do on the beach

You can also do many of your favorite activities at home on the beach. For example, you can play tug of war or give your dog his favorite puzzle toy. But don't miss out on all the beach-related fun opportunities. Here are some activities to try on your next beach outing:

  • Go out to walk . Explore the shoreline and let your dog immerse himself in new experiences like sniffing at seaweed, watching for scuttling crabs or chasing seagulls.
  • Play fetch on the beach with a ball or Frisbee. Just be sure to choose a quiet spot so your dog's enthusiasm for play doesn't disturb other bathers.
  • Play fetch in the water. Choose a brightly colored floating toy so your dog can see it riding the waves. Be sure to play this game in relatively shallow water, as a bad cast can send your dog too far offshore.
  • Have fun together in the water. Splashing through the waves is a fun game, but your dog can get too tired easily. So stay close to the edge and don't stray away from your dog.
  • Go swimming. If they are new to the water, teach your dog to swim. Let them go at their own pace and fit them in a life jacket to give them more confidence. But even experienced dogs need constant supervision to make sure they don't get too tired or swim too far from shore.
  • Teach your dog to surf or boogie board. If your dog is a confident swimmer, see if he can enjoy swinging on a board and riding the waves. Learning to balance is also great for dog sports like agility or getting comfortable in a canoe or kayak .
  • Play in the sand. This is great for dogs that love to dig. Alternatively, you can build sand castles and then let your dog destroy them.
  • Go sailing together. If the water is calm enough, grab your dog's life jacket and try a canoe or kayak ride together.

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Regardless of what activities you decide to engage in, always supervise your dog. It's important for your dog's safety, but it's also part of responsible dog ownership. Do not allow your dog to disturb wildlife, damage vegetation, or become a nuisance to other people or dogs on the beach.

Tips to keep in mind on the beach with your dog

There are some obvious dangers on the beach, such as strong waves, but you may not be aware of other dangers, such as drinking salt water. There are also rules to follow, like leash laws and pooping. The following list will help you know what to look for on the beach:

  • Check the rules. Not all beaches and bathing areas allow dogs. And some places only allow them on certain days or at certain times. It is also important to follow the leash rules. Your dog may be off leash in some areas but not in others.
  • Be on the lookout for heat stroke. Provide your dog with shade and plenty of opportunities to rest. You can also limit your visits to the beach early or late in the day when the sun is not as strong.
  • Apply sunscreen to your dog. Dogs can get sunburn, so use a pet-safe sunscreen on your dog's nose, ears, and any other sparsely haired areas.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water. Your dog can easily become dehydrated.  in the heat of summer, so frequently offer him cool water to drink. Try to limit the amount of salt water your dog can drink, as it can make him sick.
  • Prevent your dog from eating sand. You can block your dog's intestines causing an impaction.
  • Talk to a lifeguard about the water conditions. Situations like strong waves or strong currents can make the water too dangerous for your dog.
  • Be on the lookout for dangerous marine animals that might be close to shore, such as stingrays and jellyfish.
  • Avoid hot sand. Especially at noon, the sand can get very hot and can burn your dog's paw pads. Consider booties to protect your feet or stick to walking along the water's edge.

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  1. María José says:

    It is a pity that Salou, being pet friendly, does not have a beach for dogs. Failing that, and in the summer season, at least there could be hours such as from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., it would be a very good option to enjoy with our pets and thus be able to choose Salou as a destination in summer

    1. Sergi Llop Penella says:

      You are absolutely right, María José. Hopefully the city council will take note for the future.

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