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Updated March 2023

Everything is more fun when the sun goes down and Salou is not an exception.

If you are one of those people who likes to go to bed late and who loves to party, the night life in salou it is endless.

if you are wondering where to party either what are the best nightclubsIn this post I am going to clear all your doubts. We will see hours, prices, and everything that must be taken into account before choosing the joint.

If you are more of daytime activities, you cannot miss this post about the best things to do in Salou.

We start with the good and go straight to the point. You're probably here for this.

What will you find in this article?

Best nightclubs in Salou ✅

Salou is one of the best known summer tourist destinations in our country. Young people from all parts of Spain and abroad come to Salou to enjoy the wide variety of relaxation, beach, nightlife and epic nights.

The capital of the Costa Dorada is known for its nightclubs and nightlife. Its nightlife is one of its most popular attractions.

Some key points to consider before choosing the nightclub:

💡 If you are in Salou for Easter you will find the majority of national young people. If you are in summer, be prepared to find many foreigners at night, especially French.

For this and other reasons it is important to know where you are going so as not to make a mistake and enter the foreign club on duty and feel like a foreigner in your own country.

If you are looking for a party in Salou today, we go into detail for review the best nightclubs and the environment that you will find so that you can choose the best option that suits your tastes.

1.Enjoy Salou

Located in the heart of the party area, Enjoy Salou is one of the flagship nightclubs and one of the most popular on the Costa Daurada and in the province of Tarragona. The space has a spacious interior, a terrace (quite small) and a VIP area.

Enjoy, the best nightclubs in Salou

In this room you will find a great atmosphere and it is, without a doubt, one of the best clubs in Salou that you have to know.

At Enjoy the good atmosphere predominates, majority of the national public and there is no dress code. You can go dressed as you want, even with shorts.

Like all clubs, in summer and high season they fill up very quickly. Highly recommended to go early, before 01.00 to avoid queues or directly not being able to enter if you go very late.

Important information:

  • Styles of music: Commercial and Reggeaton
  • Outfit: Casual. Inside you will find everything, groomed people and people in shorts.
  • entrance price: Between €10 and €15 entry with 1 drink. It depends on the day and the queue.
  • Schedule: Every day: 11:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (summer and Easter)
  • Instagram Enjoy Salou


  • overall good atmosphere
  • Good location, on the street of the party
  • Right price
  • Acceptable quality alcohol


  • In high season many queues if you go late
  • small terrace
  • very commercial music

Enjoy Salou reviews Google

Enjoy Salou reviews Google

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2. Flash Back, the best nightclub in Salou

Flashback Salou It is one of the leading nightclubs on the entire Costa Dorada. We even dare to say without fear of being wrong that It is the best nightclub in Salou and one of the best on the entire Costa Dorada. This mythical disco opened in 1969. We can affirm that in terms of facilities it is the best disco. It is huge and has a large and very nice terrace.

best nightclub in Salou

It has three different rooms where you can dance and listen to the latest house, tek-house, tribal, club, r&b, groove, classics, Latin music and the latest hits..

In the small glass room that is next to the terrace every night for 30-45 min they make a medley of Spanish music with great songs type, The Song of the Fool, Princesses of Sloth, Ear of Van Gogh, Melendi, etc. It's an amazing time of the night, with great music. People give everything.

As we have mentioned, in the Chill-out terrace you can take a break, go out for a smoke or talk to your colleagues. Has 8 bars, VIP room and a lounge restaurant area. Very often they organize Thematic nights.

Entry allowed from 16 years old.

where is flashback

Important information:

  • Styles of music: Commercial, Dance and Reggaeton
  • Outfit: You have to go a little well dressed. Casual a little fancy OK.
  • entrance price: Between €15 and €20 entry with 1 drink
  • Schedule: Every day: 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (summer and Easter)
  • Instagram Flash Back Salou
nightlife salou today


  • Local people from Salou i Tarragona province
  • Quality alcohol and glass beaker
  • very big disco
  • Different styles
  • Nice big terrace with tables


  • A bit far from the main party street (10 min walk)
  • nothing around
  • They often have parties for 16-18 year olds. Find out before you go if you are not this age and you do not want to find a nursery inside. Look his instagram before going to find out what they do or ask them by message.

Flash Back reviews Google

Flash Back reviews Google


Tropical is another of the most famous nightlife clubs in Salou. It consists of 4 different rooms spread over different floors and with varied musical styles to meet the expectations of all musical tastes.

You are likely to search on Google, party in salou today and Tropical comes out in 1st position. Why is there a party every day?

party in salou today

It has a large terrace which is ideal for summer nights. offer exotic cocktails and hookahs of different flavors, as well as a pretty good environment.

I only say quite good because in summer it is full of French and they play a lot of French music. So if you don't like this type of music it may not be a good option for you.

Another negative aspect, the thing is In high season when there is a long queue they charge you what they want to enter. I have seen that they ask you at the ticket office up to €30 for an entry with a drink. Offer-demand that does not justify this price heist. If the capacity is not full and packed, €15 is usually the usual price.

In summer open every day, from Sunday to Thursday +16, weekends +18.

During the day it is a magnificent restaurant that fuses Mediterranean food with Asian using quality products.

It is one of the best-known nightclubs in the area.

How to get to Tropical

Important information:

  • Styles of music: French hip hop, Commercial, Dance and Reggaeton (big room in summer lots of French music)
  • Outfit: Casual. Inside you will find fixed people. The goalkeepers are not usually strict with the dress code.
  • entrance price: Between €10 and €30 entry with 1 drink. The days of many people can charge you the money they want.
  • Schedule: Every day: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. (summer and Easter)
  • tropical instagram


  • big and nice place
  • several rooms
  • different styles of music
  • Chill Out Terrace
  • In the central area of the party in Salou


  • French hip-hop (summer)
  • If there is a queue, ticket prices go up
  • The drinks are expensive
  • Alcohol of dubious quality (although the bottles are premium brands)
  • When there are a lot of people it can become claustrophobic.

Tropical reviews Google

Tropical reviews Google

4.City Hall Salou

Una elegante discoteca en y un club muy conocido en la Costa Daurada. Celebran parties with different themes every day of the week. They have a spacious interior, a heated terrace (small) and a VIP area. An exclusive and magical place, where you can enjoy the music of the moment, savor good cocktails and shishas or live live performances.

City Hall Salou

It emphasizes its wide variety of musical styles and drinks. In its Web page you can find their drinks list with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila and champagne. There are different types of each one! It depends on which day you go, you can also enjoy their monologues and live music in the afternoon.

Important information:

  • Styles of music: Commercial and Reggaeton
  • Outfit: You have to be well dressed. Security guards require a minimum dress code. Forget about being edgy or too casual.
  • entrance price: Between €15 and €20 entry with 1 drink. They do promos of €20 with 2 drinks.
  • Schedule: Every day: 10:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. (summer and Easter)
  • Instagram City Hall


  • Good atmosphere
  • local and national people
  • Different styles
  • In the central area of the Salou party
  • It's a pretty fancy site overall


  • The drinks are expensive
  • The place is not very big and fills up fast.
  • Security guards quite demanding with the dress code

City Hall reviews Google

City Hall reviews Google

5. La Cage Salou

Cage Salou It is probably one of the most emblematic and well-known rooms in Salou that has led its nights since 1968.. Also known as Pachito, since it had been owned by the famous chain of nightclubs "Pacha".

It is especially known for Easter as a meeting point for many young people who spend the week on vacation in Salou.

The Cage Salou

In La Cage Salou you will find 2 rooms so you can dance according to the music and the atmosphere that you like the most. In the Main Room you will find commercial and current music, full reggaeton with dance, Latin, RnB hits, etc.. The House Room is an ideal area for lovers of house music and electronic music.

In addition, it also has a wide terrace with plenty of vegetation where you can take a break and smoke a cigarette between dance and dance.

Important information:

  • Styles of music: Commercial and Reggaeton
  • Outfit: Casual. Usually there are very young people.
  • entrance price: Between €10 and €20 entry with 1 drink, it depends on the night and if it is high season.
  • Schedule: Every day: 00:00 to 6:30 (summer and Easter)
  • Instagram La Cage Salou


  • Good atmosphere
  • local and national people
  • very big disco
  • Large terrace and very nice, with good music
  • Reference room of the Tarragona province, also known as Pachito


  • Sometimes very young people, like 16-17 years old

La Cage Salou reviews Google

La Cage Salou reviews Google

6. Nikita

We finish our ranking of the best nightclubs in Salou to talk to you about Nikita.

It is a cocktail bar and nightclub located in the most festive tourist area of the capital of the Costa Dorada. It is full of bars around and a huge terrace shared with other locals. It is an excellent place to start the night.

Nikita Salou

In the spring season, Nikita opens its doors so that you can enjoy the best party in Salou in an unbeatable atmosphere.

Something very good about Nikita is that is that it is frequented by local people from Salou and surroundings, so if you want to meet local people this is the right place.

The interior is not very big, but the room is perfect for having shots and drinks at a good price and, at the same time, enjoying very fun parties in an impeccable environment.

Important information:

  • Styles of music: Commercial and Reggaeton
  • Outfit: Casual. Usually there are middle-aged people, very good atmosphere
  • entrance price: Free pass
  • Schedule: Every day: 00:00 to 6:30 (summer and Easter)
  • Instagram Nikita


  • Very good atmosphere with middle-aged people
  • People from Salou and surroundings
  • Good alcohol and well priced
  • Large terrace with many tables to start the chill evening
  • Reference nightclub for the local people of the Tarragona province


  • The interior of the place is a bit small.

Nikita reviews Google

Nikita reviews Google

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Salou Airport? No, Reus Airport

Comparison of the best nightclubs in Salou

Here is a comparative table with the ratings and opinions of the best nightclubs in Salou. Opinions from partygoers who rate each of the venues on Google based on their experience.

DiscothequeEstimated price)Type of musicAtmosphereCustomer Reviews
Nikita10€ - 20€EDM, Reggaeton, PopAnimated
flash back12€ - 25€Reggaeton, Pop, 80s-90sDisk
Tropical15€ - 35€Reggaeton, Latin, French musicHot
City Hall15€ - 250€Reggaeton, House, TechnoElegant
Enjoy Salou15€ - 20€Reggaeton, PopFun
the cage10€ - 15€Reggaeton, PopDisk

Plan to start a night out and other places to go out in Salou

We have started with the main course of the best nightclubs. But if you like the partyyou know just like me you will not go straight to bursting the night in a discotheque at the first of change.

No, I'm sure not. You'll want to start with a little bit of previous, perhaps a bottle in the hotel/apartment or perhaps going out to feel the atmosphere.

So much if you prefer terraces with a Chill Out atmosphere to have a quiet drink as if you are a true clubber wanting to dance all night, You have landed on a perfect spot. Summary of the 3 best night plans:

  • Tranquil atmosphere terraces: The beaches and coves of the municipality have completely renovated and decorated beach bars that, at night, are renewed to offer the best to night visitors. There is nothing more appetizing than having a relaxing drink by the sea and under the starry sky.
  • Performances and live music: If you like live music you can find it in the many pubs and bars in Salou that offer this type of music: Bar Zeppelin, Sala Garage, Kalea, Chaplins, House of Illusion, Pub Victoria, Pub Danny Boy, among others.
  • Pubs and Discotheques to dance. If you like to dance until 6 in the morning, Salou offers you some of the most prestigious nightclubs that have been operating for decades, offering the best of nightlife: Kiss, Enjoy, Tropical, La Cage and Flash Back.

FAQ and frequently asked questions about the best nightclubs in Salou

What is the best nightclub in Salou?

It depends on your musical tastes but in general, The best nightclub in Salou is Flash Back. And it is objectively the best because its facilities are top-class discotheques. 3 rooms with different environments, 8 bars, VIP room, a very large terrace and a lounge restaurant area.

Where to party in Salou?

The main area to party is on Carlos Buigues Street. The street begins where the beach ends, at the luminous fountain, and is full of bars and clubs. At the end of the street, at the Burger King roundabout, you will find some of the best clubs in Salou such as Tropical, City Hall and Enjoy.

What are the best clubs in Salou?

The best clubs in Salou are Flash Back, La Cage, Nikita, Enjoy and Tropical.

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