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Donde bucear en Salou 2024 ¡Mejor precio buceo para principiantes!


If you want to do scuba diving in Salou, in this article we will tell you everything about the options you have and where to dive in Salou at the best price.

There are several companies that offer diving classes in Salou, baptism of diving and diving classes for beginners.

diving classes in Salou

Our recommendation is to book through Get Your Guide or Civitatis because They offer free cancellation up to 4 days before the activity and have the best prices for diving in Salou.

What will you find in this article?

Where to dive in Salou, best price for diving classes

*Free cancellation up to 4 days before the activity 😉

If you are a novice and have never dived, the first thing you have to do is baptism, as the first dive you will do after classes with the teacher is known.

Option 1: Diving baptism in Salou

Diving into the sea for the first time is a unique and unforgettable experience que podréis disfrutar con este bautismo de buceo en Salou. ¡Un destino perfecto para practicar buceo!

We will meet at the centro de buceo de Salou located on Paseo de Jaume I at 9:00 a.m., we will head towards a quiet beach in the Golden Coast. This area of Mediterranean Sea It is perfect for learning to dive!

We will begin the activity knowing the safety instructions. After this short talk, nos colocaremos todo el equipo de buceo. Although at first it will be a bit cumbersome to put on the neoprene suit, the goggles, the fins, the tube and the rest of the material, you will see that it is not as complicated as it seems.

where to dive in salou

Once ready, we will dive into the sea to begin the diving baptism. The immersion will take place little by little, in such a way that we will submerge adapting to the rhythm of all the members of the group. No one will be left behind and everyone can enjoy the most of the seabed of the Mediterranean.

diving in Salou price

Under the waters of the Costa Dorada you can see little fishes e, incluso, caminar unos metros sobre la arena submarina. Seguro que os encanta una cierta feeling of weightlessness, which will make you feel like authentic astronauts without leaving Salou. It will be most exciting!

Al finalizar la actividad, nos secaremos en la playa y llegaremos al punto de partida sobre las 12:00 horas.

Reviews Diving in Salou with Civitatis

Diving opinions in Salou

Option 2: Diving for beginners in Salou

Start your journey to become an expert scuba diver with a beginner scuba diving lesson in Salou, Costa Daurada. Get expert guidance from a qualified instructor, receive all the necessary equipment, and explore the underwater world around Salou.

Enjoy your first diving experience on a beautiful Mediterranean beach bathed by warm, crystal clear waters. Discover an abundance of marine life at one of Salou's many dive sites, ranging from simple sandy bottom dives for beginners to epic deep dives.

After pickup at your hotel, transfer to the beach where your diving experience will begin. Accompanied by an experienced guide, learn to dive at your own pace. The dives are carried out from the beach and the dive site will be decided based on the client's experience.

This diving excursion does not require any experience, and it is not even necessary to know how to swim. A neoprene suit and complete equipment will be supplied.

Diving in Salou

Opinions scuba diving in Salou with Get Your Guide

Diving opinions in Salou

How to Scuba Diving: A Beginner's Guide

Are you interested in learning to dive in Salou? You have come to the right place. In this article we will cover everything you need to know to become a scuba diver.

The Open Water Diver Course

If you want to call yourself a freelance diver, you need a scuba certification. The first certification that you can obtain is called Open Water Diver and it is issued upon successful completion of one of the diving courses in Salou that we have mentioned above.

A scuba certificate allows you to refill air cylinders, rent scuba equipment, and book scuba adventures anywhere in the world. It also puts you in an exclusive club of underwater explorers and celebrities.

Why are diving certifications necessary?

Scuba diving requires specific knowledge, skills and training, just like driving a car. During the diving course in Salou you will learn how to set up a diving unit, respectful ways to observe and interact with underwater life, how to manage your air supply and other essential skills.

Try scuba diving before committing to a certification course

It's hard to describe what scuba diving is like, so if you're interested but aren't ready to commit to a class, try a Discover scuba diving® experiment. You will be able to try on the scuba gear and take your first breaths underwater, under the supervision of an experienced dive professional, in a pool or pool-like environment.

20 Best things to do in Salou and surroundings

TO discover diving No experience is necessary, just an option for those who are unsure about taking a multi-day scuba certification course. If you have questions about whether to learn to scuba dive, check out the top 10 myths about scuba diving.

scuba diving in Salou

Ready to start exploring the other two-thirds of our ocean planet? Read on to find out what equipment and skills you need to scuba dive and the steps required to become a certified scuba diver.

How to prepare to dive in Salou

You don't have to be an excellent swimmer to be a scuba diver, but you do need to be comfortable in the water and know how to swim. During your scuba certification course you will be asked to:

  • Float or wade for 10 minutes: You can lie on your back, face down, wade, "paddle like a dog," or anything else to stay afloat without using any flotation aids.
  • Swim 200 metres/yards (or 300 metres/yards with mask, fins and snorkel) without stopping. There is no time limit, and you can use as many strokes as you like.

There are many adaptive techniques that allow people with physical difficulties to meet the requirements of aquatic skills. People with paraplegia, amputations, and other problems often earn PADI Open Water Diver certifications. Talk to your Dive Instructor for more information.

Basic Diving Equipment

When you sign up for a class, most dive shops will provide you with all the scuba equipment you need, either on loan or for rent, including a:

  1. Wetsuit or dry suit
  2. diving bottle
  3. BCD (buoyancy control device)
  4. Regulator
  5. SPG I Dive Computer
  6. Mask
  7. snorkel
  8. and fins
a diagram showing the basic scuba equipment you need to dive

If you already have a snorkel set, take your snorkel, mask, and fins to the dive shop before your first session in the water. Most high-quality snorkel masks can be used for scuba diving, but most snorkel fins are too flimsy.

Check out these tips for buying a mask that fits you well.

If you are learning to dive in cold water, you may also need to bring (or buy) gloves and a hood. If you get cold easily (like me), they are worth investing in.

Diving Certification: Step by Step

Step 1: Consider your learning preferences

If you don't like dealing with new skills surrounded by strangers, a private class may be preferable. If, on the other hand, you like to meet new people, a group or semi-private class can be a lot of fun.

Step 2: Choose where to do your training, in our case in Salou

There are three ways to get your scuba certification:

  1. Do all the training close to home
  2. Start at home, end on vacation (Open Water Reference)
  3. Learn to dive away from home

You can get a scuba qualification in as little as four days, but that can be a lot of pressure. Read more about each of the above options in our learn to dive page.

Step 3: Sign up for a class

From beginning to end, it takes 4 to 7 days (on average) to obtain a diving certificate you'll spend some of that time studying on your own, but most of the time you'll be working with an instructor

In after-class surveys, more than 95% of student divers say they would highly recommend their PADI Instructor, but if you have a lot of PADI Dive Shops to choose from, here are some tips:

  • How to choose a dive shop
  • How to choose a diving instructor

* It can take up to a year to complete your scuba certification course.

In case you're wondering How much does a diving certification cost? It is a difficult question to answer. All PADI Dive Centers and Resorts are independently owned and operated, so prices vary based on location, class size, and other factors.

In the options we have seen, the price of diving in Salou is between 90 and 100 euros.

Generally speaking, a scuba certification course costs about the same as a full day of surf lessons, three hours of private golf lessons, or an amazing night out. If, while looking for prices, you see a rate that is drastically lower than all the others, ask what it includes.

Some dive shops include everything for one price, others may price only course tuition and charge separately for online training, boat fees, etc.

Step 4: Knowledge Development

Diving certification consists of three main parts

  1. Online home study or classroom learning (knowledge development)
  2. Practice of skills in a swimming pool or similar environment (confined water)
  3. Open water scuba dives

Most people start their diving course with knowledge development. During this part of your training, you will learn all about scuba equipment and terminology and watch scuba skills videos. if you choose PADI eLearning®, you can complete this part of the course at home, at your own pace, using a computer or mobile device

Some dive centers offer in-person knowledge development with regularly scheduled face-to-face sessions. You will acquire a book and a DVD to study at home between classes.

If you are not sure if you will like the online training, don't forget that you can start your online scuba certification class free. Give it a try, and if you don't like it, ask your dive shop if you can go the book and classroom way.

Step 5: Confined Waters

You will take your first breaths underwater in a pool or pool-like environment. Your instructor will demonstrate the scuba skills one at a time, then help you practice each one until you master it

The PADI Open Water Diver course is proficiency-based and designed to help new divers gain confidence in their abilities. For example, you will first practice wiping a small amount of water from your mask. Once you feel comfortable, you can fill the entire mask with water and empty it.

In the confined water sessions you will also practice setting up a scuba unit. You will do it many times until it becomes second nature.

Step 6: Open Water Dives

Once you've mastered basic confined water diving skills, you'll move on to open water diving. "open water" can be the ocean, a lake, a quarry, or even hot Springs. Your PADI instructor will be by your side at all times.

Your first dives will be to 12 meters or less. The maximum depth allowed for any dive during the open water course is 18 metres/60 feet

You will do four open water dives in total, typically over two days. During each dive:

  • You will complete a pre-dive safety check
  • Practice maintaining your position in the water (buoyancy)
  • Perform the skills you learned in confined water
  • Explore the dive site

On the final dive, you and your class (or buddy) will create a dive plan. Under the supervision of your instructor or a qualified assistant, you will dive according to your plan, paying attention to air pressure and other safe diving practices. This final exercise will help you make sure you are ready to dive on your own.

Step 7: Congratulations, you are a diver!

Depending on where you live, you will receive a certification card in the mail or a digital PADI eCard™

You diving certification is valid for life, and if you ever want to refresh your knowledge, you can do a dive review program.

Open water diver in Salou

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