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Rainy days are not common in Salou, especially during the summer. Even so, we can find ourselves with a day of rain and bad weather that will prevent us from enjoying the beach and the sun.

if you are wondering What to do in Salou if it rains, in this post we propose different activities to take advantage of the day in the beautiful municipality of the Costa Daurada and surroundings.

If you want to know the best things to do in Salou on a normal day without rain, check out this post.

What will you find in this article?

Plans to do in Salou on a rainy day (and surroundings)

1. Go to the Spa Aquum La Pineda

This is a great plan for a rainy day in Salou.

He aquum Spa & Wellness of La Pineda It is located in the Estival Park complex, just 5 km from Salou, and 8 from Tarragona capital, being connected in both centers by a regular bus line.

A 4,000 m2 facility where they offer a new way of understanding well-being and rest, providing health, in an environment of constant harmony inspired by the oceans so that you are enriched by its serenity and tranquility and benefit from the marine environment: the sea, source tireless welfare and origin of life.

Aquum Spa&Wellness offers you the chance to enjoy its facilities with three very interesting options that complement each other perfectly to cover all your needs.

What to do in Salou if it rains, Aquum La Pineda

Prices Aquum La Pineda

price aquum La Pineda

🤑 Offers Aquum La Pineda HERE

aquum la pineda plans for a rainy day in Salou

2. Go to the movies, another good plan to do in Salou if it rains

You have to be practical, and it is obvious that a rainy day will limit us when planning the day.

Going to the movies in these cases can be a good alternative to leaving the hotel or apartment and making the most of the day.

Near Salou there are several cinemas.

🤑 If you are looking for what to do for free in Salou, this post can help you.

Ocine Vileseca, 5 min drive from Salou

Yelmo Parc Central Cinema, in Tarragona, 15 min. in car

Ocine Les Gavarres, shopping center 15 min. by car

3. Go shopping

We could have included this option in the same bag as going to the movies, because they go hand in hand.

Rainy days in Salou are an ideal time to take advantage of shopping. In Salou you will find 3 fabulous shopping areas:

  • The West area, which includes the surroundings of Calle Barcelona (main street of the town) and the old town. Its shops and boutiques are open throughout the year.
  • Paseo Jaime I: Along the promenade there are many boutiques and souvenir shops where you can make your purchases.
  • The Levant area: mainly Carles Buigas Street and surrounding streets.

You can also approach the cities of Reus or of tarragona (15 minutes from Salou) where you will find shopping centers and shopping routes around the city.

Les Gavarres on the outskirts of Tarragona and Parc Central within the city are the 2 largest shopping centers in the area. La Fira, the shopping center located in Reus, is smaller, although you will find everything.

4. More things to do in Salou if it rains

  • Diverland Bowling Alley: In the Port Halley shopping center, 2km from Salou, you will find the Bowling Diverland Bowling Alley where you can spend an afternoon learning to play bowling. + info: Diverland Bowling.
  • Tarragona Cathedral: Located in the highest part of the city, the Cathedral of Tarragona, in the Gothic style, offers guided tours to its visitors. + info: Tarragona Cathedral. 

Check out this post about best things to do in Tarragona for an excursion from Salou

  • Tarragona Casino: If you like gambling, poker, roulette or any game at Casino Tarragona you will find an excellent option to take shelter from the rain. It is located in the Hotel Imperial Tarraco, with incredible facilities and a rooftop to have a good cocktail.

Take a look at this post to learn more about the Tarragona Casino and the mini-casino options in Salou.

tarragona casino
  • National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona: The Roman archaeological complex of Tarragona has been a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since the year 2000. In this Museum you will find true jewels from the glorious past of Tarraco. + info: MNAT.

Reus Modernism: If you like Modernism or want to discover it, Reus one of the cradles of Catalan modernism, offers guided visits to two emblematic buildings of the city: the Navas house and the Pere Mata Institute.

He Gaudi Center is a museum and interpretation center on the life and work of Antoni Gaudí, you will discover all the secrets of this cultural movement of the late 19th century. + info: Gaudi Center.

This is a good plan for a rainy day in Salou since both Casa Navas and the Gaudí Center are buildings and the visit takes place under cover.

Gaudi center Reus, plans to do in Salou if it rains

The Cistercian Route: About 40 minutes from Salou there are three Cistercian monuments that also offer interesting guided tours: the monasteries of Poblet, Santes Creus and Vallbona. + info: The Cistercian Route.

Since you're on vacation, don't let the rain stop you! We hope that this article on the best things to do in Salou if it rains will help you a little to reschedule your plan on that rainy day of vacation.

FAQ and frequently asked questions:

What to do in bad weather in Salou?

Best plans to do if the weather is bad in Salou
1. Go to the Spa Aquum La Pineda
2. Go to the movies, another good plan to do in Salou if it rains
3. Go shopping
4. Diverland Bowling Alley
5. Tarragona Casino
6. Tarragona Cathedral
7. National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona
8. Gaudí Center and Modernism in Reus

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