Bicycle rental in Salou: Where and best price


Renting a bike in Salou is a great way to explore the town and its surroundings in an ecological and economical way.

There are several options for renting bikes in Salou, from specialized shops to street rental services. Below, we provide you with detailed information on where to rent bicycles in Salou and how to do it safely and economically.

Bicycle rental in Salou Where to rent and options

One option to rent bicycles in Salou is to visit a specialized bicycle rental shop. These shops often have a wide variety of bikes available for rent, from touring bikes to mountain bikes.

In addition, they usually offer additional services, such as bicycle delivery and collection at your hotel, bicycle repair, and rental of helmets and locks.

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Where to rent bicycles in Salou

The best advice we give you is to previously consult prices online. At they will show you all the bike rental shops available in Salou at the best price.

You can compare prices and alternatives to rent the bike that best suits your needs.

Logically you can also go directly to a bike rental shop in Salou. Although there you will not be able to compare prices with other stores, but it is still an option.

Bike Rent Salou


You can check their website and contact by WhatsApp to request information and prices.

In BIKE RENT SALOU offer rental of:

  • All types of bicycles: Tour, Mountain Bike, Tandem
  • Baby strollers
  • Wheelchair
  • battery powered wheelchair
  • We have the latest in Skates with battery (electric)
  • Inline skates for children
  • Electric bikes

Drac Beach Rent


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Renting a bike in Salou is a great way to explore the city in an ecological and economical way. There are several options for renting bikes in Salou, from specialized shops to street rental services.

Making sure the bike is in good condition before you rent it and wearing a helmet and lock are important measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Bike route in Salou


Where can I rent a bike in Salou?

In Salou, there are various shops and centers dedicated to renting bicycles. These are located mainly in the center of the city, near the tourist areas and in the vicinity of the beaches. Some hotels and accommodations also offer a bicycle rental service for their guests.

What types of bikes are available for rent?

- There are mountain, road and electric bikes available.
- City bikes are a popular choice among tourists.
- For families, tandem bicycles and with child seats are available.

What is the average cost of renting a bike in Salou?

- The daily rent ranges between 10 and 25 euros.
- Electric bicycles may have a higher cost.
- It is essential to check online and in stores for exact prices.

What documentation do I need to rent a bicycle in Salou?

To rent a bike in Salou, it is generally required to present a valid identity document, such as an ID or passport. In addition, some stores may require a credit card as a guarantee. In special cases, such as the rental of electric or high-end bicycles, additional documents or a deposit may be required.

Are there any recommended routes or circuits for touring Salou by bike?

Yes, Salou has various routes and circuits that are ideal for cycling. Among the most popular is the "Camino de Ronda", which runs along the coast and offers panoramic views of the sea. Another option is the "Natural Park of the Ebro Delta", perfect for those who love nature. In addition, the center of Salou has pedestrian areas and cycle paths that facilitate a safe and pleasant journey.

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