Shopping center in Salou

Shopping Center in Salou: Is there a shopping center?


Are you looking for a shopping center in Salou to go shopping? We have news for you! Salou does not have a shopping center itself, but there are several places close to the city where you can go shopping. In this article, we will talk about the shopping options in Salou and its surroundings.

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Where to go shopping in Salou?

Salou is a popular tourist destination on the Costa Dorada, in Catalonia. Although it does not have a shopping center, there are several shops and boutiques in the center of the city.

If you like shopping outdoors, we recommend you walk around Barcelona street, the main avenue of Salou. Here you will find clothing stores, jewelry, souvenirs and much more.

You can also visit the weekly market in Salou, which is held every Monday morning in the Plaza de España.

Shopping center in Salou
Parc Central shopping center in Tarragona, a 12-minute drive from Salou

Shopping centers to go shopping near Salou

Central Park in Tarragona

If you are looking for a large shopping center with many shops, we recommend that you visit Parc Central in Tarragona, about 10 km from Salou. This mall has more than 160 stores, including clothing, electronics, sports, beauty, and home stores.

There is also a wide variety of restaurants and bars to enjoy a break while you do your shopping. Parc Central is easily accessible from Salou by car, bus or train.

The Gavarres in Tarragona

Another shopping option in Tarragona is Las Gavarres, a shopping center located on the outskirts of the city, about 15 km from Salou. In Las Gavarres you will find a wide variety of fashion, electronics, sports, home and decoration stores, as well as a leisure and restaurant area. In addition, Las Gavarres has a large free car park for visitors.

The Fair in Reus

Finally, if you feel like exploring beyond Salou and Tarragona, you can visit La Fira in Reus, about 20 km from Salou. La Fira is a modern shopping center with more than 50 fashion, sports, beauty, home and electronic stores. There is also a cinema, a skating rink and several restaurants and bars.

If you visit La Fira on a weekend, you can also enjoy a lively entertainment area with live music and performances.

In conclusion, although Salou does not have a shopping center itself, there are several shopping options close to the city. Parc Central in Tarragona, Las Gavarres in Tarragona and La Fira in Reus are excellent options for those who want to go shopping during their stay in Salou.

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