📝 Here you will find all the necessary services in Salou, taxis, pharmacies, locksmiths (for emergencies in case you cannot access your apartment), local police, buses (schedules and routes from different cities), etc.

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Travel from Pamplona to Salou by Bus

Hello everyone! Today I bring you information on how to travel by bus from Pamplona to Salou, a popular holiday destination on the Costa Dorada. If you are planning a getaway to the beaches of Salou, here are some details about…

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Aquum Offers and opinions, is it worth it?

The holidays that have passed have given Spaniards the opportunity to discover new destinations and places of interest. One of these destinations is the famous town of La Pineda on the Costa Dorada, which offers its visitors…

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📍 Salou how to get there: All options

In this post we are going to review all the possible options to get to Salou. Salou is very well connected and has a wide variety of combinations of all types of transport. Depending on your place of origin and your travel preferences,…

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Eating well and cheap in Salou: Best restaurants

Salou offers a wide variety of culinary options for those looking to enjoy delicious food at affordable prices. From traditional Spanish cuisine to Mediterranean cuisine, there are many cheap restaurants in Salou where you can enjoy a…

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