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Salou has several viewpoints that offer impressive views of the Costa Daurada and the Mediterranean Sea.

best viewpoints in Salou
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Where to watch the sunset in Salou: The best viewpoints

If you are wondering where to see the sunset in Salou you have come to the right place.

1. Bocana viewpoint

From Salou, the west window

Viewpoint of La Bocana Salou

2. Viewpoint of l'Antic Moll

A spectacular view of the Llevant beach and the stole of Jaume I

Antic Moll viewpoint

3. Pilons viewpoint

Gastronomic and sports value; dynamism in action

Mirador dels Pilons in Salou

4. Viewpoint of the Torre Nova

180º from Llevant to Capellans

viewpoint of the new tower

5. Capellans viewpoint

A salouenco space with a lot of history

Capellans viewpoint in Salou

6. Po-Roig viewpoint

A 360º military enclave

Pro-Roig viewpoint

7. Platja Llarga viewpoint

Mediterranean forest, beach and sea... All in the same place

Platja Llarga viewpoint in Salou, best viewpoints in Salou

8. Dune and Roques Puntxoses viewpoint

The geological wealth of the Salou coast

Dune viewpoint in Salou

9. Punta Prima viewpoint

A unique place on the coast: rock and sea

Punta Prima viewpoint in Salou

10. Punta del Rescat viewpoint

The legendary viewpoint

viewpoint of the point of the rascat

11. Viewpoint of Punta del Cavall

A beautiful Mediterranean sunset

Viewpoint of Punta del Cavall

12. Cala Crancs viewpoint

Viewpoint of Cala Crancs

12. Viewpoint of the Cala Morisca

Pirates and natural wealth in the same place

Viewpoint of Cala Morisca Salou

13. Viewpoint of Les Ànimes

A unique setting for meditation

Viewpoint of the animes Salou

14. La Falconera viewpoint

Wherever the eye flies... and the spirit

viewpoint of the falconera

15. Far viewpoint

A place with magic and own stories

Far viewpoint

16. Sea and Pins Viewpoint

Where the mountains of Salou are buried in the sea

Viewpoint of Mar i Pins Salou

17. Trinxeres viewpoint

Strategic point of vision on the coast of the Costa Daurada

Viewpoint of the Trinxeres Salou

18. Viewpoint of the Tossa Alta Salou

After the most wooded area of Salou, the vision of a natural quarry bursts forth.

Viewpoint of the Tossa Alta Salou

19. Pla de l'Estepa viewpoint

Where the steppe flower stretches out in front of the sea and under the blue sky

Pla de l'Estepa viewpoint

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20. Kal·lipolis viewpoint

From where the ancient Iberians viewed the Mediterranean Sea

Kal·lipolis viewpoint

21. La Pedrera viewpoint

A different look at a surprising environment, stone and vegetation in front of the sea

Viewpoint of La Pedrera

22. Rocabona viewpoint

The Pedrera de Cap Salou is born, a lot of rock -and the good one- in the heat of a radiant sun

Rocabona viewpoint

Where to see the best sunset in Salou

In almost all the viewpoints in our ranking you will see a beautiful sunrise. But if you want to see the best sunset in Salou, the Pro-Roig viewpoint or also known as Viewpoint of Punta de Porroig is probably the best option.

Located between Capellans Beach and Cala Llenguadets, the lookout Punta del Porroig It is an impressive place to contemplate one of the best sunsets in Salou and the entire Costa Dorada.

Punt de Porroig viewpoint, best sunset in Salou

It is located in the middle of the route of the Parapet walk 🚶‍♀ In addition, two machine gun nests from the Spanish Civil War are preserved at the top, they served to prevent possible attacks by sea or landings.

Right between the rocks and when passing the nests you will find 3 platforms, we recommend you prepare your bag with some snack and watch the twilight accompanied by your favorite person ❤️

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Do the Route of the Viewpoints of Salou

Do you want to discover all the viewpoints that appear on our list? 😏 It is time for you to discover them on your own and fall in love with the landscapes of Salou.

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As you see, the landscape environment is unbeatable ❤️ The good thing about this route is that you are in contact with nature! ✨ Along the way, you will find hidden caves, bunkers, cliffs and lots of vegetation...

best viewpoints Salou

ℹ With the Route of the Viewpoints you will know 23 spectacular viewpoints that make up a beautiful activity to do during your vacation.

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