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Casinos en Salou - Información actualizada 2024 para un poco de gambling


Tell you right away that Salou does not have a big casino as such. It has several mini-casinos that can be a good gambling option to have a good time and play without wasting a lot of money (or if).

in this post we go into depth to analyze the best casinos in Salou and the Casino of Tarragona.

The good news is that 15 minutes from Salou there is the Casino Tarragona. A casino for all purposes, with dealers, Poker Texas Holdem (tournaments and cash), roulette, Black Jack, etc., an excellent option if you are looking for an authentic casino near Salou.

Casino Tarragona poker
Casino Tarragona
What will you find in this article?

Casino Tarragona, the best casino 15 min. by car from Salou

Undoubtedly the best option if you want to go to best casino near salou. It is a fairly large casino and the only one in the entire province of Tarragona. It is inside the Imperial Tarraco hotel. Upstairs there is a rooftop bar with incredible views of the sea and the beautiful city of Tarragona.

rooftop Imperial Tarraco
views from the Rooftop Hotel Imperial Tarraco, in the same building as the Casino Tarragona

It's flat. Go play at Casino Tarragona and go up to the rooftop to have a good drink with these views.

There is no strict dress code, but it is recommended to dress up a bit. You don't have to dress up, but you don't have to be wasted either. Admission is free with minimum consumption. It is not expensive considering how beautiful it is and the impressive views it offers.

Important information about the Tarragona Casino

Casino Tarragona It offers all the traditional tables, American roulette, Texas Hold'em NL cash, Dealer's Choice, Black Jack, slot machines and every Saturday there is a Texas Hold'em Poker tournament.

best casinos salou

How to get to the Tarragona Casino

You can go by car or by taxi (Taxi prices from Salou to Tarragona). It is between the Circus and the Roman Amphitheatre, next to the Balcón del Mediterráneo. They have valet parking.

By public transport you can take any bus from Salou or Cambrils to Tarragona.

Tarragona Casino Hours

  • Slot machines DE SUNDAY TO THURSDAY AND HOLIDAYS, OPEN FROM 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.. FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND EVE OF HOLIDAYS, FROM 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m..
  • Poker Cash DE SUNDAY TO THURSDAY AND HOLIDAYS, OPEN FROM 4:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.. FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND EVE OF HOLIDAYS, FROM 4:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m..

There is a restaurant and bar service during opening hours. Good quality food and drinks.

Dress code

Sportswear is allowed, you can access with sports shoes but not with flip flops, espadrilles or swimsuit. It is not allowed to enter with a tank top (empire style), motorcycle helmets or large backpacks.

Casino Tarragona offers its customers a free cloakroom service.

Best Casinos in Salou

If you don't want to go to Tarragona and settle for the mini-casinos in Salou (without dealer), all electronic machines, below We present you with a detailed list of the best casinos in Salou.

There are a total of 4 casinos in Salou, or rather mini-casinos, although some are quite large and offer endless fun.

1. Costa Win Sportium

We start the ranking of the 4 best casinos in Salou with Costa Win, located in the party area of Salou. Esteo min-casino offers 2 electronic roulette wheels and plenty of slots. A very good aspect of this casino is that in the outdoor area there are billiards and entertainment machines for your friends who are not as gamblers as you. 😂

Billiards and slot machine options at the Costa Win Spotium Salou casino.

casino Salou Costa Win Sportium

2.Bet Park Salou

Casino located on Passeig Jaume I, the seafront of Salou. Right in the center of Salou, quite an elegant and spacious mini-casino, prettier than the Costa Win in our opinion. Electronic roulettes and full slot machines.

bet park salou

This casino in Salou also has billiards and other recreational machines that are not for gambling. An excellent option to have a good time with friends. Bar service inside the mini-casino.

best casinos in Salou

3. Sportium Sports Betting Salou

This casino is in the Salou yacht club. It is not so central, but this will always depend on where you have accommodation, maybe it is close to you.

Sportium casino Salou

This casino is more focused on sports betting (as its name suggests), although there are slot machines, it does not offer as many possibilities as the other 2 in the ranking, which is why we put it in position number 3 in the ranking.

4. Sportium Costa Win II

The brother of Costa Win n.1 in our ranking. This one is located more in Salou town, not in the most touristic area like the other one.

It is practically the same as the other. If your apartment or hotel is in Salou town, it is the casino that is closest to you.

mini casinos Salou

Click directly on the map below to see the exact location and get to this good mini casino in Salou.

There is another small casino in Salou that we have not added to our list because we consider that it is not worth visiting.

We hope that this article about the best casinos in Salou and Tarragona will help you find the best option for you. Enjoy and play responsibly.

If you want to enjoy your holidays in Salou to the fullest, we recommend you look at this post about the Salou's best clubs and nightlife in the capital of the Costa Daurada.

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