PortAventura already has an opening date for the new attraction


The final stretch of assembly is now complete for the 'Uncharted'-inspired attraction. Testing will start soon.

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The new 2023 season in Port Aventura full of novelties

The 2023 season will not only be the longest in the history of the Vila-seca and Salou theme park, but it will also be the premiere of its first indoor roller coaster, exclusive in Europe.

The new attraction, located in the Far West sector and in charge of the Uncharted saga, is expected to open in June. The assembly of the sources, inside the huge ship that has been built behind the game area, is already in the last part, and the creators of the work have faith in being able to start the first tests "imminently" .

Yesterday, during a visit to the works, Luis Valencia, director of progress of PortAventura, expressed that "the happiness of this attraction is that it combines darkness with the experiences that a roller coaster has the possibility of having, plus a sequence of FXs and audiovisual. All of this causes a great increase in visitor experiences”.

portaventura opening date new attraction uncharted

The attraction will be the first on the planet inspired by the universe of the Uncharted movie, through the union between PortAventura World and Sony Entertainment. The intention is for the visitor to live an immersive experience that will begin in the queue building and the station and that will be complemented by music, audiovisuals and other FXs that will accompany the entire tour.

With a length of about 700 meters, a maximum height of 12 meters and five different accelerations, the attraction will present a sequence of creations that distinguish it from traditional roller coasters.

versatile wagons

Although several of the mysteries of how it will be are still kept, PortAventura revealed some new data yesterday. In this way, the ride will last precisely a minute and a half and it will be done inside wagons of 12 people. It will have three wagons and a theoretical ability to ride 900 people every hour.

These transports also have different properties and have the ability to speed up, brake, offer turns, fall to the side, dive, reverse... All at the service of the imagination of the programmers of all the theming. In the future, moreover, PortAventura could change the audiovisuals and offer an exclusive life to the attraction.

In addition, using the creation of this new roller coaster, the company wants to offer a new impulse to the availability in its facilities and is improving a pilot venture of immersive experience through virtual situation for people with disabilities.

We are talking about a test that could be extended later to the rest of the park's attractions, with the purpose of directing a change in the way in which these users experience their visit.

The investment to create the new attraction exceeds 25 million euros.

Absolute darkness and FXs

The ride of the attraction of Uncharted is going to be done completely under cover and without light. As in the rest of the roller coasters, the individuals will go inside wagons and the experience will include the movements, falls or acceleration of our attraction, with FXs and the projection of audiovisuals.

PortAventura World will try to break the record of visitors registered in 2019, just before the pandemic, of 5.2 thousand individuals, in this way how to continue recovering its number of users from all over the world, which in 2022 were divided mainly between the French market (18 % of total visitors) and that of England (7 %).

PortAventura World will continue to grow sustainably, demonstrating its financial strength and resilience, advancing novel development tactics as the pillar of hotels under management.

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