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Camino de Ronda Salou mapa 2024: Todo lo que necesitas saber


The Camino de Ronda Salou is one of the main tourist attractions on the Costa Dorada. This coastal path offers stunning views of the Mediterranean sea, as well as a wide variety of activities and places to visit.

In this article, we will explore in detail everything that the Camino de Ronda in Salou has to offer, as well as tips and recommendations to keep in mind.

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Camino de Ronda Salou map

Camino de Ronda Salou Map

The Camino de Ronda de Salou stretches over more than 4 km, from the Punta del Fangar natural park to Cap de Salou, passing through impressive beaches and coves.

The trail is accessible to people of all ages and abilities, as it is flat and well marked. In addition, the path is surrounded by vegetation and is an ideal place to enjoy a day outdoors.

Salou roundabout

One of the main attractions of the Camino de Ronda in Salou is its beaches. The trail goes through several popular beachessuch as Playa Larga, Playa dels Capellans and Playa dels Pescadors. These beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Some of them have a wide range of services, such as restaurants, bars and equipment rental shops.

round road Salou

The Camino de Ronda also It is an ideal place for hiking and enjoying nature. The trail passes through the Punta del Fangar natural park, a natural reserve of great ecological importance, where you can observe different species of birds and a great variety of vegetation.

views round road Salou

The park is an ideal place to take a walk and enjoy the tranquility of the natural environment.

The Camino de Ronda is perfect for stopping off and enjoying a meal or a drink overlooking the sea. There are several restaurants and bars along the trail, where you can try typical dishes of the area, such as paella, black rice or suquet de peix.

In addition, there are several information points and viewpoints along the trailwhere you can enjoy impressive sights.

road round costa dorada

The path is equipped and ideal for walking even with small children.

Camino de Ronda Salou tour step by step

Starting point of the Camino de Ronda in Salou and complete route:

poster start of the coastal path Salou

Right at the beginning of the Camino de Ronda in Salou we find some tiny coves, with steps to access.

starting point coastal path Salou

Next, the path goes through a wooden deck, which ends at one of Salou's beaches, Playa de Capellans. The beach is small with a length of only 209 meters, it is flanked by picturesque rocky ledges.

Salou walkway route step 2
capellans beach
Capellans Beach, Salou

On Capellans beach, on the east side, climbs up the wooden ladder.

Salou walkway route step 3

After going up, we continue along a small ring road. From this point the picturesque view of the Capellans beach and its surroundings opens.

Salou walkway route step 4

Behind the promontory that dominates the bay of Llenguadets. The beach is only 61 meters. The Bay was almost unknown, until they built the ring road. Currently, in the middle of the tourist season, this beach is quite crowded.

tour of the coastal road Salou step 5 Playa llenguadets

Continuamos por el lado izquierdo de playa Llenguadets siguiendo el camino.

Salou walkway route step 6

Until we reach Llarga beach. It is a fairly large beach in the Cap Salou area, with a length of 646 meters.

Salou walkway route step 7

Near the beach there is a rocky descent into a small bay. As well as a gazebo with a bench.

Salou walkway route step 8

Continuing below, the Bay of Cala Penya Tallada opens up. Small bay beach with a length of only 46.5 meters, one of the most beautiful in Cap Salou, surrounded by pine trees and winding cliffs.

Salou walkway route step 9

Behind the beach is another tiny and picturesque Bay of La Costa, with a length of 20 meters and a width of 5 meters.

Salou walkway route step 10

It is an incredibly picturesque and photographic place. Feel like you are not on the Costa Dorada, and not on the set, rocks, cliffs and pine trees create a beautiful picture.

On the sea, on the same Peñón Tallada, equipped with a viewpoint, which offers beautiful views of the Bay and the coast in General.

Extraordinary in its landscape expression of the area is surprising. Speakers in the sea, strange rock formations, turned in the process of erosion into the resemblance of huge stone walls that clearly define the limits of the small coves.

Salou walkway route step 11

Next is the Bahía de Font beach, with fine sand. The length of the beach is 60 meters. In high season the Bay has all the necessary beach equipment.

Salou walkway route step 12

Immediately after the Bahía de Font is Cala Vinya, 44 meters long. The beach is separated from Font beach only by a small rocky ledge, which disappears into the sea. These two beaches are located in the tourist area of Cap Salou.

Salou walkway route step 13

The path becomes more rugged and therefore less touristy, and also leads along the coast.

Salou walkway route step 14
Salou walkway tour step 15

Here you can turn around and go back, or you can continue the journey, although the path is not so bearable, it takes place on the wild coast. Just to continue walking along the coast, you will need comfortable shoes.

tour of the coastal path Salou step 16

Go to the beach, Crancs. Hidden behind the rocks that reach the sea, the sandy beach of Crancs is 89 meters long, surrounded by rocks and lush vegetation of pine trees. The beach has a small playground.

tour of the coastal path Salou step 17

Cabo Falconera (Punta Falconera), there are several rocky coves with very convenient access to the sea.

tour of the coastal path Salou step 17

Punto final de la ruta - el antiguo faro de Cap Salou (Cap Salou Lighthouse). Near the lighthouse is equipped with a viewing platform and a wooden path. With these points they offer views of the sea and the coast.

Salou walkway route step 18 end of route

FAQ and frequently asked questions about the Camino de Ronda in Salou

Where does the Camino de Ronda in Salou start?

He Camino de Ronda in Salou begins in “Els Pilons”, a sail-shaped monument located just at the end of Levante beach. A very touristy area full of bars, terraces and restaurants next to the promenade.

How many kilometers is the Camino de Ronda in Salou?

He Parapet walk from Salou It has a 9 km route along the coast of the Gold Coast. It starts at "Els Pilons" and ends at the Lighthouse of Salou, situated in Cap Salou. There is also another path of 1,250 m from Calle de la Falconera (Chap Salou) that reaches the Path del Racó, where the neighboring town of La Pineda begins.

Where does the Camino de Ronda Salou start and where does it end?

It starts at "Els Pilons" and ends at the Lighthouse of Salou, situated in Cap Salou.

What to take to do the Camino de Ronda?

Although the path is not complicated and you do not need previous preparation or a good physical condition, it is It is highly recommended to wear comfortable or sports shoes, comfortable clothes, sunglasses and sun cream. Bringing drinking water is very important to avoid dehydration especially on summer days. In addition, as the path has numerous coves and beaches, it is important bring swimsuit and towel.

How long does it take to do the Camí de Ronda?

They are 9 kilometers long and it takes between 2 and 3 hours. It depends on the speed and rhythm you want to take.

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