After FITUR, 2023 will be a great year for tourism in Salou

tourism forecast in Salou 2023

The mayor and president of the Salou Tourist Board, Pere Granados, said in an interview for tourinews that a large number of overnight stays in Salou (Tarragona) come from sports activities.

Granados participated in FITUR 2023 together with other tourist representatives with the aim of further strengthening the national market, which is the most important for Salou.

Summary interview about the forecasts and objectives for tourism in Salou during 2023.

Tourism forecasts in Salou for 2023

Before FITUR, Salou organized a presentation as a sports and gastronomic destination, which was very well received and was well attended by personalities from tourism, the media and institutions, including the Minister of Culture and Sports and the General Director of Tourism of Catalonia.

The presentation made it possible to show what Salou offers as a sports and gastronomic destination, which translated into a great result with 400,000 overnight stays derived from both activities.

In addition, Salou was well represented by local businessmen at the event, which further strengthened the collaboration between the public administration and the private sector. As a result, Salou has received requests from different organizers of sporting events to hold them in the municipality, and it is considered one of the best promotions that can be done.

Fitur, tourism in Salou

Salou's objective in its participation in FITUR was to further strengthen its national market, which is close. The impression they had at the end of the fair was very positive and the expectations for the 2023 season are better than those of the previous year.

A pesar de la ausencia de turistas rusos y ucranianos debido a la guerra, el número de visitantes en 2022 superó el de 2019. Además, el gasto en destino aumentó un 40% en comparación con 2019. Tras reunirse con los operadores turísticos, Salou sale de FITUR con la sensación de que 2023 será un gran año para el turismo, especialmente para destinos como el de ellos, que forma parte del "G8" de sol y playa.

During the FITUR weekend, Salou he did not hold a special display for potential customers. However, they received a good reception and people who stayed at the fair to serve those interested in their destination.

The expectations they had at FITUR were met and the fair surprised them due to the intensity and the large number of planned and additional meetings.

Despite the fact that this year there are elections, the tourist economy in Salou is booming and a better season is expected than last year. In general, Salou is a recognized tourist destination and they hope to continue being a benchmark in the sector.

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