Salou celebrates the Coso Blanco with success and record attendance


The big day of Major d'Hivern Festival once again turns Ciutat de Reus street into 'the best celebration in the world'. A party that had more than 40,000 guests in a unique light and music show under 25 tons of confetti. The unmistakable voice of Juanma Hidalgo requests attention. There are a few seconds left for 7 in the evening. "Confetti machines on," he orders.

Resounding success of the Cós Blanc Salou 2023

For much more than an hour, Ciutat de Reus street has become a genuine tide of people. «Senyores i senyors, niños i nenes, que comenci l'espectacle!». Dozens of memories attend the heads of those present. The blackout of all the streetlights follows the ceremonious words of the Cós Blanc speaker. The 20 cannons arranged along the entire street begin to spit out confetti.

Three long years of drought passed, but it rained bits of paper again at the Salou Festa Major. James Bond's music opens the incredible audiovisual show that kicks off the show. 550,000 watts of light and 170,000 sound at the service of "the best party in the whole world". In the street, more than 40,000 devoted souls join in the biggest celebration of the year on the entire Costa Daurada. The most anticipated edition, which also aims to become the most massive in history.

People from all over the province, but also from abroad. Like Marina, who is from Barcelona and is the first time she has attended the Cós Blanc. She has come with her family, who are from here, and although she was now warned, "I did not expect to find all this assembly of lights and so, so much confetti.

It's incredible, what a celebration!" he says. Ahead, much more than two hours of festival and 25 tons of confetti. A total of 27 groups, with hundreds of competitors, revive the spirit of Cós Blanc this year.

The first to leave is once again the Gastronómica, which is commonly responsible for opening the parade and which this year has been inspired by Paris and the Moulin Rouge. They perfectly condense that fun and daring essence of the party.

On the turntables, Dj Moncho once again gives his infallible formula of rhythms so that no one is left without dancing. It doesn't take long for Bizarrap's hits to be played to edit the Cós Blanc in a huge open-air karaoke.

First with the ubiquitous Quédate de Quevedo and shortly after with his new collaboration with Shakira. There is also no shortage of Gozadera, Danza Kuduro and other hits by Ana Mena, Aitana, Rosalía or Omar Montes, although there are also much more electronic, flamenco or traditional incombustible songs such as Carnavalera, el Chipirón or Paquito el Chocolatero. The hippies from the Las Prisas group and the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland, recreated with great success by the Escola Elisabeth, continue along the street.

Soon one of the groups that are celebrating this 41st edition of the Cós Blanc appears: the Colla Bandarra and its disco celebration to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Little by little, the confetti begins to gain thickness on the ground.

Behind them, the Grup d'Amics de la Festa and its special circus of horrors parade among the sets with the most impressive make-up. The animal print jungle of the Colla Confetti or the colossal butterflies of the Colla Slot permeate the Ciutat de Reus street with colours.

The Esplai Salou, with its special vision of the movie Up or Los Allegados and its pilots and nurses from Pearl Harbor add a touch of originality.

Once all the floats have passed, the second part of the Cós Blanc begins, with the street turned into a veritable river of confetti. Groups of friends of all ages start an all-out war with background music.

There are those who take it much more calmly, especially families with small children, who take advantage of the turn that the gangs take along Via Roma and Barcelona street to enjoy the celebration in a much calmer way.

In the end, each one of them experiences the Cós Blanc in their own way, but they all share the same intention: to return to have a good time and build memories of moments of happiness. And in that, the Cós Blanc has no rival.

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