Port Aventura if it rains: Is it worth it? To do?


What to do in Port Aventura if it rains? If there is one thing that we cannot plan on our visit, it is the weather: What happens if it rains, it is cold or windy? Can enjoy Port Aventura on a day with bad weather? Is it worth going?

What will you find in this article?

Weather in Port Aventura

Weather in Port Aventura the next 5 days:

The weather - Tutiempo.net

It is always best to check the weather forecast in Salou before your visit, so you know what to expect and be prepared.

Rainy day in Port Aventura, what do we do?

It can happen on any day of the season: we look at the weather before going to the park, and we see that it is raining or stormy. Is it worth going to the park? What will be closed? How to enjoy these days gone by?

rainy day in Port Aventura

You have bought the ticket + hotel to PortAventura, now you had everything reserved and planned to spend a few days at the amusement park, and when the time came, it turns out that it rains. Do we have the possibility to proceed to Port Aventura in bad weather? How will we find the park? Will the attractions be open, what can we do in Port Aventura in rain? Do not worry, you have many things to do!

If for whatever reason -you have not been proactive or the weather has changed abruptly- you have a bad day in PortAventura, with rain or wind, stop worrying about the fact that you have certain choices to understand what to do if it drizzles in PortAventura.

Things as they are, it will not be as you had expected and it is even possible that there are attractions that have closed without prior notice due to danger. Generally, the rides are still running on a bad day, as long as there is no thunderstorm or really high winds.

Now, rain, hail, snow or storm, there are attractions in closed buildings of PortAventura World that continue to offer fun for the brave who are still on the premises. This is the case of Street Mission, in SésamoAventura; The mystery of the Mayans, in Mexico; Temple of Fire, in Mexico; Flying Dreams, in the neighboring Ferrari Land theme park; Ferrari Land Gallery, also in Ferrari Land; and El Gran Caribe, in Caribe Aquatic Park.

In the rain you will not get wet in the next attractions of PortAventura either, although if it is windy undoubtedly yes, because although they are indoors, they are uncovered on the sides: Tren de Vapor, in Mediterrània and Far West; Lake Ships, in the Mediterranean and China; Elmo's Farm, in Sesame Adventure; Carousel, in Far West; Wild Buffalos, in the Far West; Buffalo Rodeo, in Far West; and Tea Cups, in China.

Instead, At the moment when there are strong gusts of wind in PortAventura, some of its most emblematic attractions are closed so as not to jeopardize the safety of visitors: Hurakan Condor, Shambhala, Red Force (in Ferrari Land), Dragon Khan, Stampida and El Diablo.

On the other hand, we have a good opportunity to be surprised by the impressive shows of PortAventura. There are many that are done indoors, with which many shows continue with the programming despite having a bad day.

Is it worth going to Port Aventura if it rains?

We recommend check weather forecasts and go to PortAventura on a pleasant and much more sunny day to enjoy it 100% %.

The weather - Tutiempo.net

Nevertheless , if you have a day with not enough rain, keep in mind that it also has its positive points: the first, which will undoubtedly not affect the normality of the park nor will any attraction be cancelled, and instead, several visitors will stop going, so there will be days with much fewer queues in PortAventura; the second, that a quick rain, in times like summer, is even satisfactory and it is enough to cover ourselves with a raincoat or an umbrella and continue enjoying.

With rain, it is also a good time to try the gastronomy of the food places that are in PortAventura. They are under cover and will let us eat serenely while we watch the rain.

Those who stay in a hotel in PortAventura will have it even better, since they have the possibility of taking advantage of it by coming when they want to rest or take a warm shower and dry off.

What will be closed on a rainy day in Port Aventura?

It depends if there is a thunderstorm or not. If there is, each and every outside attraction closes. Once the storm is over, the attractions reopen.

If there is no electrical storm, the attractions usually work normally (unless the rain is accompanied by a lot of wind, as I will tell you below). Depending on the amount of rain, outdoor shows are canceled or continue.

What happens if it rains in Port Aventura

That yes, ace attractions in closed buildings of the parks they are usually still open even if there is a storm These are:

  • Street Mission, in SésamoAventura. It is the only one PortAventura dark ride (where a tour is made through a vehicle that the passengers do not control, from where they see different special effects). The passengers will discover the secret mission that Detective Coco has been entrusted with... you will follow in his footsteps full of intrepid adventures. The minimum height to climb alone is 1.20 meters, and accompanied by an adult, 90 centimeters.
  • The secret of the Mayans, in Mexico. Don't worry if it rains, because here you have a good entertainment for a while: a labyrinth of no less than 175 square meters where, in addition, you will have to overcome obstacles, effects and challenges that the gods of the ancient Mayan civilization will throw at you. Children under 12 must enter with an adult.
  • The Temple of Fire, in Mexico. Do you want to feel like real explorers? You cannot miss the adventures of this ancient place, where you will search for a protected treasure. An indoor attraction, for protect you from the rain in PortAventura, full of action and where you will have to escape the curse of desecrated time. A spectacular attraction where a minimum height of one meter is required, in the company of an adult, or 1.40 meters to access alone.

More attractions open on rainy days in Port Aventura:

  • Flying Dreams (Ferrari Land)
  • Racing Legends (Ferrari Land)
  • Ferrari Land Gallery (Ferrari Land)
  • The Greater Caribbean (Caribbean Aquatic Park)
  • Steam Train (Mediterrània, SésamoAventura and Far West)
  • Lake Boats (Mediterranean and China)
  • Elmo's Farm (Sesame Adventure)
  • Carousel (Far West)
  • Wild Buffalos (Far West)
  • Buffalo Rodeo (Far West)
  • Tea Cups (China)

On the other hand, there are PortAventura attractions that, although they do not carry out their activity in a closed area, do They are quite covered and allow us to enjoy them protected from the rain (unless there is wind and causes lateral rain). It is the case of the following:

  • Steam Train, in Mediterrània and Far West. Catch this railway at Estació del Nord in Mediterrània or at Penitence Station in Far West and tour the theme park quietly while it rains. It has open sides, so something could get wet. A nice way to have a good panoramic view of PortAventura.
  • Lake Boats, in the Mediterranean and China. Another option with open sides to tour the amusement park... this time by sea.
  • Elmo's Farm, in Sesame Adventure. You can get on the tractor and meet all the animals on the farm. A nice indoor attraction that the little ones will love.
  • Carousel in Far West. In PortAventura there is no lack of a typical carousel, ideal to enjoy together as a family.
  • Wild Buffaloes, in the Far West. Drive a runaway buffalo like bumper cars. You will be covered and you will have a great time on rainy days.
  • Buffalo Rodeo, in Far West. Softer bumper cars, designed for the little ones in the family.
  • Tea Cups, in China. An indoor attraction with cups that spin, spin, spin… non-stop! Let's see who can last without getting dizzy!


The shows in closed theaters also they continue to represent normally even if there is a storm They are the ones that are made in these theaters:

  • Saloon (Far West)
  • La Cantina (Mexico)
  • Imperial Grand Theater (China)
  • Temple Magic Jing-Chou (China)

Also, the stands of the Western Stunt Show (where Bang Bang West is performed) they are under cover, so if the show is not cancelled, you can watch it without getting wet. 

The stands of the Polynesian shows (Polynesian Show and Aves del Paraíso) are outdoors, as are the areas where you can see the final shows of the day in Mediterrània (the parade and the night show). If it rains and those shows are still going on, you will have to get wet or use an umbrella or a raincoat to see them.

How to enjoy a rainy day?

It depends on how much it rains, if there is a thunderstorm, and whether or not you care about getting wet when doing rides. 

If you don't mind getting wet, as long as there is no electrical storm you will be able to ride on most attractions. Of course, if it rains a lot, not very nice ride attractions that pick up a lot of speed, such as roller coasters: the drops can hurt.

Port Aventura if it rains

If you don't want to get them wet, you can ride the (few) indoor attractions that are in the parks, enjoy the vast majority of shows, see what's in the stores, and eat at the food places (the vast majority are within covered or have indoor areas: Racó de Mar, Iron Horse, the Hacienda, the Cantina and Bora Bora in PortAventura Park, Ristorante Cavallino and Pit Lane in Ferrari Land).

If you can afford it, it is a good opportunity to enjoy one of the parks' table-top dining sites, eating without haste.

Yes indeed, bring waterproof shoes and a good umbrella or raincoat, and it is not superfluous to bring spare clothes in case the one you are wearing gets wet.

If you stay in one of the park hotels (or someone from Salou who is nearby) it may be a good idea to go to the room to rest and dry yourself in the middle of the day.

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