eat well and cheap in Salou

Eating well and cheap in Salou: Best restaurants


Salou offers a wide variety of culinary options for those looking to enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.

From traditional Spanish cuisine to Mediterranean cuisine, there are many cheap restaurants in Salou where you can enjoy excellent food without spending a lot of money. Discover the best places to eat well and cheaply in Salou.

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Where to eat in Salou

Besides all the tourist activities, the local gastronomy is also an important part of the experience. In this article, we present the best places to eat in Salou and the typical dishes that you cannot stop trying.

Best cheap restaurants in Salou

You, who always prefer to enjoy gastronomic experiences out of ten, but refuse to give up the best value for money. Find here the best cheap restaurants in Salou for less than €20.

1. La Teca - Mediterranean Tavern

Average price €15

eat well and cheap in Salou

One of the best ways to find cheap restaurants in Salou is to search the internet, there are many websites and applications that allow you to compare prices and read reviews of different restaurants. You can also look for recommendations from locals or from people who have recently visited Salou.

Another good option is to look for restaurants outside of the popular tourist spots, since they tend to have more affordable prices.

Restaurants located at the back of buildings or in alleyways may offer better prices than establishments on main streets.

You can look for special promotions, such as menus of the day, group offers or discounts for certain days of the week. Restaurants may also offer discounts for regular customers or those who book in advance.

Finally, I would recommend that you do your research and compare prices before choosing a restaurant so you can make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Teak Salou reviews:

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2. The Tortilla

Average price €16

If you are looking for a cheap and good place to eat in Salou, the tortilla is the perfect place for you. This small and modern restaurant has a large outdoor terrace to enjoy cool nights outdoors.

where to eat cheap in salou

The specialty of La Tortillita is the tortilla, with more than 30 varieties to choose from. You will not be disappointed, and you will be able to try tortillas with different ingredients and flavors.

If you go at noon, you can opt for the daily menu for €14.50, which includes a first course, a second course with an omelette and a choice of meat or fish, dessert and drink.

There is a simpler menu available for €11. In addition to tortillas, you can also enjoy other tapas, meat and fish options, but you cannot miss out on the house speciality.

La Tortillita is a cozy and perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. The staff are friendly and the service is fast and efficient. The prices are very reasonable and the quality of the food is excellent.

3.Sunset St

Average price €13

If you are looking for a place to eat well and at the best price in Salou, you cannot miss visiting Sunset St. This restaurant is very popular thanks to its good food, atmosphere and affordable prices. It is located in the center of the tourist area and is usually full of people.

cheap restaurants in salou

On Sunset St you will find a wide variety of dishes to choose from, from tapas and salads to sandwiches with freshly baked bread, hamburgers and delicious pizzas.

Prices are very affordable, with options of tapas and sandwiches from €4 and the rest of the dishes from €7. For about €10 you can enjoy a delicious meal in Salou.

The atmosphere on Sunset St is very nice and cozy, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family. The staff are very friendly and the service is fast and efficient. In addition, the restaurant has a large outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the cool nights of the Costa Dorada.

4. Fox and Hounds

Average price €12

If you are on holiday in Salou and looking for a place to enjoy good food and a friendly atmosphere, then you cannot miss Fox and Hounds. This restaurant is highly recommended by people thanks to its delicious grilled meats and a wide variety of dishes that satisfy all tastes.

fox and hounds salou review

They offer many dishes Indian food stands out, delicious. You will also find salads, pastas, rice dishes and burgers at a very good price.

The atmosphere is ideal to enjoy a summer afternoon thanks to its large terrace where you can have a refreshing beer while you wait for your food. Besides, the daily menu is excellent value for money, with options of starters, main courses, desserts and wine for only €11.

5. Linda's Bar

Average price €13

Another of the recommended places to eat in Salou is Linda's Bar, a British restaurant that has earned the love and loyalty of its customers for offering a wide variety of delicious and cheap dishes at any time of the day.

best cheap restaurants in Salou

If you want to try British home cooking and other international dishes then this is the place for you!

At Linda's Bar you will find a wide variety of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, from tapas to delicious main courses of pasta, meat or chicken. Also, if you are looking for something quick and cheap, they also offer sandwiches, burgers and pizzas at very affordable prices.

6. Hollandaluz

Average price €14.50

Hollandaluz is a restaurant that combines Spanish and Dutch cuisine and is an excellent option to eat well and at a good price in Salou. The quality of the food is second to none, as well as the presentation of each dish and the charming atmosphere in the Spanish style.

hollandaluz salou reviews

Hollandaluz's dishes are very elaborate, gourmet and of high quality, with a wide variety of meats and fish with sauces and accompaniments that have great flavor and are prepared with dedication in the kitchen.

These dishes are priced around €15, but if you go at noon, For only €14.90 you can enjoy a delicious first and second course and also a homemade dessert. It is an excellent offer!

7. Famous Dave's

Average price €16

If you want a place to eat in Salou with your friends or with your children, there is nothing better than Famous Daves. As its name suggests, this place is well known in the area for its personality, its culinary offerings, and its affordable prices.

famous dave's Salou reviews

On its menu you will find typical dishes of American cuisine, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, among others. These gourmet sandwiches are served in a modern, casual setting.

In addition, at Famous Daves you can enjoy live concerts by national artists. A place where you can eat for an average of €15 per person. Highly recommend!

8.Monsoon Beach

Average price €11

We finish our ranking of where to eat cheap (and well) in Salou with Monsoon Beach, one of the best restaurants with a menu in Salou. It is an establishment specialized in indian gastronomy and perfect to enjoy this exotic cuisine prepared in the traditional way.

The price of the menu starts at €15 and includes a wide variety of dishes that you will love.

moonson beach salou reviews

In addition, this restaurant has an outdoor terrace that is ideal for enjoying the warmest days of the year. In their menu they also offer refreshing cocktails, with or without alcohol, which are perfect to toast with your loved ones.

Typical dishes that you cannot stop trying in Salou:

  • Paella: Paella is one of the most popular dishes of Spanish cuisine and you cannot stop trying it in Salou. This dish is made with rice, seafood, chicken and vegetables and is cooked in a large paella pan. There are many variations of paella, so feel free to try different types.
  • Suquet de peix: This is another typical dish of Catalan cuisine and is made with fish, shellfish and potatoes. The dish is cooked slowly.

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